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    I have worked on my latest post over the last few days. When I have been typing it has published by itself when I have not yet finished the post.

    Has wordpress added something so you can publish by hitting someing on the keyboard like for example “control” then a letter.

    It is very annoying. I had to delete the post twice because I had not finished and then the third time today I had to quickly finish the post before many people read it.

    The blog I need help with is



    How are you writing your posts? In the Visual Editor, an offline editor, a browser add-on?

    If the Visual Editor: shows a list of the keyboard shortcuts available to us, but looks to be out of date.You can find the latest list in the Visual Editor in the “Help” button, Hotkey’s tab. If you don’t see the second row of buttons in the Visual Editor, you can click on the “Kitchen Sink” button (#15) at the right end of the first row of buttons.

    So far I haven’t found any combination of letters that would cause a post to publish. Do you remember what combination of letters you hit when it published?


    I am using the visual editor. It is posting when I am typing the post. How I do not know.


    I mean it is publishing by itself when I am typing the post.



    This is very odd indeed and once Staff have returned on Monday, you should contact them with this problem.

    Please be as specific as you can when contacting them and give them all information including what browser you are using, your OS and the information requested here:


    Thanks for your help. I have contacted support

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