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    I have done some reading in the forums on this topic, however I have not found specific answers to what I am seeking. My blog has been up and running since Feb 6, 2007. According to Word Press blog stats I am at 1877 hits in 5 weeks. I am interested in determininig how my blog is doing on the WWW. I have shiny stats, stile meter, get clicky and word press stats, but none of these give me an accurate picture of how I fairing at this early life of my blog. I am trying to understand WWW demographics. With this being said, how can I determine on a daily basis how my posts and my blog is fairing? I am looking for specific information and ways that won’t be blocked by WP not accepting javascript. Thanks for your insight.



    It seems that you are utilizing all the tools for stats that offers for your specific blog. There are many different services out there that can give you more detailed stats than what you are getting, but require javascript or access to your raw server stats. Both would be available if you have your own copy of wordpress on your own hosting account, but not on the hosting. The stats that you have will tell you how many visitors have showed up and your site and if I am not mistaken, Site Meter gives you a world map of where you visitors are coming from, just not the site that they were referred from. So in a way, it does give you geographic information, but in terms of demographic information, I don’t know of anything that will give you that.

    I am afraid it looks like you are using all the tools that you have available to you right now!




    Again I return to the question I asked in the very first stat thread you posted: What do you want to know?

    Are you trying to measure your blog hits against web page blog hits? Are you trying to measure it against other blogs? Are you interested in measuring how fast it’s growing? How authoritative others consider it to be?

    Where you look for the answers depends on what questions you’re asking.

    If you want information about internet demographics (and the WWW is only a segment of that) then go to the Pew Institute and read their research reports on web demographics.


    First of all, thank you Trent for your time an input. Secondly, thanks for asking for clarity raincoaster. I may not be using the right terminlogy. I am interested in learning how other blogs in my category are being successful at what they are doing with their blogs. Numbers will give me an idea of which blogs to seek out, study and learn from since I am only 5 1/2 weeks old to the bloggosphere. To everything there is a learning curve. Have a great weekend.



    Then you should start at They have many blog ranking tools and comparison tools. Also, check out the Pew Institute information on blogs.

    Remember that blogs are only a small part of the internet. Don’t waste your time comparing your hit rate to Ebay’s or something.



    As you are using the same block of categories with a few additions on all your posts and as these subjects are not “rare” or “unusual” it shouldn’t be hard to find other blogs on Technorati with the same subject matter. You can also do a blog search on Google using the same categories to locate similar blogs as well.

    abandonment, Boundaries, self help, children of trauma, Living with a Disability, Ophra Winfrey, Bob Woodruff, Traumatic Brain Injury, empowerment, choice, motivation, spirituality, Creativity, encouragement, Codependency, self-esteem, guilt, hope, Faith


    Thanks for getting back to me. I have a few follow up questions. I notice that some people come to my site and read multiple posts, because they are on the same page.

    Would you suggest that I make each post a sparate page?

    What are the pros and cons of doing this in your opinion?

    I have similiar tags for each post, because I believe my each of my posts address topics around those tags. If I limit my posts to only a few tags, my post may only be seen because of those few tags. I do not want to limit what I address to a few tags and thus not be seen by people searching on the http://www.Thus my reasoning for similiar tags to my posts.

    I am interested in mulitple opinions on the pros and cons of multiple tags versus a limited amount of tags per post.

    Thanks for your input.



    Do NOT make every post on a separate page. They’re already on unique webpages, thanks to the way WordPress is set up. If you make them official PAGES as opposed to POSTS, your hits will go through the floor, because stats for static pages are not tracked here at all.

    Also, every one of your posts isn’t identical, so why would your tags be? It’s not fair to the reader or to the blog never to customize your tags. You’ll also attract fresh readers every time you use a different tag. Using more tags doesn’t dilute the value of each tag, quite the opposite. But don’t use a tag on a post if it doesn’t relate in a DIRECT way to the content of the post. “It kinda reminds me of this” isn’t good enough.


    Don’t tagspam either; some people will throw in a lot of controversial/eyeball-grabbing tags just to attract hits, when they have nowt to do with the actual post content. Describing something amusing which happened today, and then tagging it “george bush anna nicole smith apple web 2.0 xbox” etc. is just spammy. Not that you would do this of course; you’re a gentlemen, but some people…ain’t. (frosty makes that fingertip-to-eyeball “I’m watching you” gesture)


    Thanks so much. Raincoaster. Are you saying (email and posting threads here can sometimes be hard to understand) that having muliple tags is not a bad idea…when they relate to the post?

    Secondly, is using less tags better for each post? I am not sure how to best tag my posts to attract a wide audience. The topics that I address can be helpful to different demographic, so if I limit my tags to say, cold water creatures that are found at the north pole during the month of April , my post will only be read by certain types of readers. Limited amout of tags, potentially a limit target audience. Thanks for your help.

    defrst–you make me laugh!




    To tag responsibly:
    If a tag is relevant to the post, use it. If it isn’t, don’t.

    You seem very concerned about increasing your readership, and i think if you tag responsibly you will see that happen. Don’t worry about the number of tags on each post. Quality not Quantity.



    Having multiple tags is a good idea when your blog post involves more than one issue, which is usual. People have different blogging styles, though, so if it takes you too much trouble to come up with more than one tag, use the one and don’t worry about it.

    If you blog only about things relevant to a small number of people, only a small number of people will come to your blog through the tags.


    If you blog about a large number of different things relevant to small numbers of people, your audience is all of the people interested in all of those topics. So don’t shy away from very specific posts with very specific tags, just blog about different things over time.

    If you want to blog about something that EVERYONE in the blogosphere is interested in, just blog about Britney Spears or Daniel Radcliffe naked. Any other topics and you have to accept that not everyone in the world will click on it.


    Thanks so much raincoaster and Judy. I appreciate you both. Thanks for shedding light on a topic that has concerned me. I had one person send me an email one time, who suggested only using 3-5 tags per post. I was curious about his rationale and have been thinking about the information he gave me. I am slowly connecting the dots and determining what works be for me. Thanks so much for your input ladies and gentleman. In the final analysis, placing similiar tags on my posts is not a bad way to go, since they apply to my subject matter. Have a great day.



    3-5 seems very low to me. More than a dozen is generally overkill, unless the post is long and wide-ranging.


    Thanks so much for the information, raincoaster.


    I don’t think I’ve ever used more than four tags on a post, but then my blog’s subject matter is pretty specialized anyway (ahem); thus, I have tags like History, Horse Racing, Horses in Art, Horses in the News, Equine Science & Health, Draft Horses, etc. Odds are, if you’re interested in one, you’re interested in most or all of the rest. (I did add the Barbaro tag when he died, because I’m shameless like dat, but it’s not as I hadn’t been blogging about Barbaro all along anyway)


    Thanks defrost

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