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    I post everyday, it’s hard but I’ve been keeping it up for over 5 months.
    However, my rein was destroyed when a post I put up was removed and saved in my drafts.
    I know that I published it because my friend, who is an e-mail subscriber, received an e-mail saying it was up.
    I didn’t notice the problem until the next day, the 26th of February.
    I found the post in my drafts and published it again, it has remained up since, but the day now says that I’ve missed a day posting.
    It may not sound like a big deal, but it is for me, and I will be graded on this blog at the end of the year (as well as a hobbie it’s part of my college course).
    Is there a way to change the date on that post (it’s about two and a half men), or is it stuck that way?

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi. You can manually change the date of the post if it has an impact on your grade. The procedure is the same as to scheduling a post:

    Otherwise, I don’t recommend it because changing the date also changes the URL and can cause unhappy users to stumble upon a 404 file not found error message if they land on the old URL.



    Happiness engineers are on hiatus until tomorrow so maybe you could help? I schedule my posts to go live in the early AM US East Coast hours but every now and again they publish 10 hours earlier. My computer is set to EST–is there a wordpress clock I need to synch with that?

    Thanks :)




    Thanks–had a feeling you could help :)

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