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    Good afternoon!

    I’d written a page or so of a new blog post when I decided to set apart a top-of-post note using a styled <hr /> element.

    After previewing I was horrified to discover that, title apart, the post had reverted to my first saved version of a couple of days ago, despite my having done regular saves of updates since then. Why would this have happened? and can the last saved version be retrieved?


    The blog I need help with is



    I don’t know why it would’ve happened BUT I know where you maybe able to retrieve it.
    On my Dashboard, I have a box under my stats called Your Stuff. It shows where I’ve commented, the drafts I’ve written, the posts I’ve published, what I’ve updated ect… You maybe able to find your last saved version there.


    Thanks, bats0711, for the suggestion. The draft was, oddly, not listed under ‘Your Stuff’.

    However, I found–against all hope that it might work–that I was able to repeatedly click the Back arrow button until a near-final draft re-appeared in the editor. So not fully restored, but close.

    Thanks again!



    That’s so strange that it’s not there. When in all doubt back button is great huh? hey no problem.



    @chutchison has an autosave feature. When you are writing or editing your posts and pages on, the changes you make are automatically saved every 2 minutes. In the lower right corner of the editor, you’ll see a notification of when the entry was last saved to the database.
    Please also see here:

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