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post saved but where is it?

  1. Like others, I have just completed a long post, saving regularly, then I could not find how to add tags, tried to get back to my post and - pftt! - it is gone. I am using Firefox with Windows Vista Ultimate. Can't find my work (quavering voice, near to tears) can anyone suggest what I have done wrong. I checked in DRAFTS, not there.

  2. Please give us a direct link to your blog, starting with http. Because the site linked to your name is not a blog, we won't be able to help you until you've provided that.

  3. Sorry! Here it is: The post was "a visit to Newcastle", created about midnight Tuesday GMT (very roughly, I am at GMT + 10 hrs here).

    Any help will be greatly appreciated, took me ages to do! Thanks.

  4. Thanks for the link. What was the title of the post you were working on, and did you hit Publish at any point? Because if you did, Google might have a cached version of it.

    You could well be out of luck. Contact staff as soon as they open in the morning, but you're not the only one who's reported this in the past day or so, it seems.

  5. Your blog looks perfectly normal to me, but that of course can't speak to possible behind the scenes issues.

  6. Sometimes, I've accidentally hit save instead of publish. When one does that it saves it as a draft rather than a live feed. You may want to go under manage->posts->drafts, and see if it's sitting there as a draft.

  7. Oh sorry, I must have Attention Deficit! I see you checked drafts!!!!

  8. thanks folks, raincoaster, the post was called "a visit to Newcastle", diamondfistwerny, I have not hit publish, before, when I have saved, it has been saved as a draft. not this time. really annoying as I put a lot of work into it.

    from now on, I am going to use Google docs or Zoho to do my drafts, I have never lost anything with them ...

    recommend others do the same. or on their own computer of course!

  9. Some people use offline blog editors like Blogdesk or Ecto or Windows Live Writer as well. Those even work for people the new media uploader does not work for, so it's an improvement that way.

  10. thanks raincoaster, lesson learned!

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