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    I’m using the Forever theme by Automatic and I’m having an issue with some of the posts showing the images twice. I think what I’ve been doing wrong is clicking on “set as featured image” along with “insert image into post” button. I’ve gone back to remove the featured image but it does not fix itself. I’ve also gone as far as deleting the image, and then re-inserting the image, the photo still appears twice.

    Please refer to “Generation iPhone” and “Lady Killer” posts for example of my problem.

    Thanks in advance!

    The blog I need help with is



    You must have figured this out, as I only see one of each in your posts.



    I’m using the Structure free theme and have the same problem on my posts that capturedbypam had before solving the problem. I have tried the same solutions mentioned but to no avail.

    Raincoaster or capturedbypam, if either of you has the solution to only show the featured image once, can you please tell me the steps I need to follow?

    Also, I like how fluster magazine at is able to show the latest post on the home page with just the featured image and no blog text. The blog in the centre of the home page is the previous one. Would they have an upgraded version of Structure to be able to do this?



    I’m afraid I’m not familiar with the theme and don’t know, but there is this:

    and this:



    Thanks raincoaster, I’ll check out those links to see if they help.


    I wish i could tell you how it was fixed, i hadnt updated anything on my page as of the forum post. I went back to my site after raincoaster’s comment and found that it was fixed.

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