Post size, and Featured Image Centering (SemPress Theme)

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    I’m wondering if I can make the posts wider on this blog theme, without it screwing up the display on mobile devices. I’d like to make the posts wider.

    Also, this theme has “featured images” for each post. When they’re added, they align to the left. How can I get the images to be centered?
    Also, is there a way to change the size? Or, at least determine what the best featured image size is —


    the blog i need help with is:

    The blog I need help with is



    To widen the theme, add this:

    #page {
    max-width: 950px;

    To center featured images, add this:

    .entry-thumbnail {
    text-align: center;

    What exactly do you mean by “change the size” or “determine what the best featured image size is”?



    Thanks for the info … I went a little larger, 1100px for the width ..

    And, now, the featured images are centered…which is great! Thanks!

    What I mean by “change the size” or “determine what the best featured image size is”? is this:

    If I use a smaller .jpg (for example) as my featured image, the image appears in full. If I use a larger sized image, it gets auto-cropped, and I’m left with not a full image (and, there seems to be no way I can control where the image gets cropped when I set it as a featured image. So, I was wondering, with this particular theme, is there a “max size” the featured image can be, and, if so, what is the best size for this theme’s featured image? If I know the size, then I can crop the images myself, then upload them, so they appear as I want them to, and aren’t randomly cropped. Does that make sense?



    You’re welcome.

    The max dimensions of the FI on Sempress are 594×476.
    Note: these dimensions aren’t determined by the CSS of the theme, so now that you made the theme wider you cannot have full-width FIs.



    Slightly different variations of this question and still sempress related

    1.) the post width is not responding to any sample CSS I copy and paste in there, and

    2.) every single time I set the image to either tiled horizontally, or not repeated and set left, or whatever, when I come back into the customization the image is fully tiled (filling all the background). It’s not retaining the settings I have saved.

    It’s driving me crazy — help!




    Hi there, on the background image, I just went into Appearance > Background on your site and set it to tile horizontally and it has stuck (at least I think it has). If you view it and don’t see it tiled horizontally, clear your browser cache and take another look. I had to do that in Firefox to see the change.. Are you working through that page, or are you working through Customize?

    On the post width, what are you trying to do and I’ll do my best to help you accomplish that.



    Thank you… it has stuck… for now.

    However, I was working through customize and I see when I go back into customize that it fully tiles again… so I guess from here on out, I’ll just work through the appearance menu from here on out. (Is there some bug in the customize menu?)

    As to the post width, I guess it doesn’t matter since the format is responding to the device it’s being view upon, but in “full PC screen” mode (if that makes sense), the widget column is just a tad too wide/narrow… there’s just one little line on one little post where there’s a hanging “1” on a separate line all by itself from the post title. I’d like to adjust it one way or another so that “1” isn’t hanging all by itself… (alternatively is there a line code I can add that keeps that “1” next to and attached to the “part” in front of it?)… but that’s a little quibble I can probably ignore if necessary.

    Thanks for your help!


    Thanks for letting me know. I’ll do some testing and searching on our bug trac system and see if this has been reported as an issue in the customizer, and if not, I’ll report it. The behavior in both places should be identical.


    You can put a non-breaking space between the two words that you wish to keep together. The forum software here has problems with posting that code, so remove the space between the & and nbsp and between that and the ; at the end. Replace the space between the two words with that code to keep them locked together.

    & nbsp ;


    @415whisperer, I don’t see that background image pattern in the available patterns when I activate SemPress on my test site, but I see the image is coming from our system. Where did you get that background image? It isn’t uploaded to your media library. It will be helpful to know that so that I can try and reproduce the issue.



    Hey — Just quickly answering re background image… I did get it through the customizer…

    One of the other interesting things I noticed is that each time I selected a color scheme to play with, additional background images would be available, varying from color scheme to color scheme…

    So, no, it’s not uploaded to my media library, because I got through the customizer… but I have no idea where the customizer pulled it from!



    Ah, yes, the images will vary based on the color scheme. I’ll have to select the same color scheme to be able to test. Thanks for letting me know.

    The customizer makes images available based on the color scheme so that what is offered will look good with that color scheme and it takes some of the work out of it for users.



    See I answered so quickly, I forgot to mention….

    It actually happened — that the tiling I picked wouldn’t stick — no matter which image I chose in the customizer; not just that image that I ended up using.

    And, thanks, for the code to keep two words together. That should do the trick.

    Now, back to actually writing! (I think.)



    You are welcome.

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