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    I cannot see my post fully on the home page of my blog and need to click on it to see the full text
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is


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    You are using the Origin theme. It is working as it was designed.

    You can use custom excerpts to (mostly) display your complete posts on your home page as well as on archives and category pages.

    When you have finished a post, switch to the text (html) editor and select all, copy, then paste the code into the custom excerpt module. Publish.

    Usually this function is used to make a customized short version of posts to attract a reader’s attention. But you can use it to display text, images, formatting, and links in your complete post. Do be aware though that embeds such as videos won’t work. Nor will shortcodes such as slideshows.

    Here is a little more info:

    I use themes with custom excepts so that more posts will be easily visible on my front page and so they will include a nice picture as well. Subscribers get these customized excerpts via email and depending on their email clients they even get to see a photo.

    One other thing to consider:
    My customized excerpts go out on my rss feed with my selected image and customized text. I have set my feed to send a summary of posts rather than whole posts. But the whole excerpt goes out on the feed. So I think that if you include whole posts in these custom excerpts then your feed will go out the same way as well. The thing to consider is that this can make your blog really easy to “splog” from your feed.


    That’s perfect thank you very much


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    You are welcome!

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