Post slider and related post how to?

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    Guys I need help.

    I am using Triton Lite in my site ( and would like to ask how to make the post slider.
    Been trying it for days, already made 2 sticky post but the post slider doesn’t show at all.
    Am i missing something?

    Also i am figuring out how to do related post with icon and url, seems that it is not a feature of the theme.

    Thanks in Advance.

    The blog I need help with is



    I believe you will find your answer re: the Triton Lite slider in this thread
    You can enable Zemanta by following this guide > Zemanta for Recommended Links, Photos, Articles >



    Thank you timethief.

    I have enabled Zemanta on my site successfully, however it seems that Zemanta is looking for recommendations or related posts outside my site. Even if I tried to place my site address in the Go field and let Zemanta analyze it, still it won’t update and saying that it can’t find anything related. How do I get Zemanta automatically point and find related posts directly to my site?

    On post slider, still working on in.

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