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    The titles on the post slider are not showing up as white as in the theme demo. Instead they are appearing in the color I selected for my link color under theme options.

    If I select the default link color (which is blue), they appear as white. If I select my own color choice, they appear in that color instead of as white as you can see here:

    I wonder if this is a glitch in the theme or if it’s meant to be this way? I would prefer to have them white as they appear in the theme demo as they are difficult to read in the link color I selected.

    Thanks for your help on this.

    The blog I need help with is



    I’m seeing white fonts in the slider titles. Have you resolved this?


    Interesting. They appear “gold” to me, but white when you mouse over them. They are still “gold” in my internet world. I wonder why that is and if it’s limited to me or if others are seeing gold too. Any more thoughts would be appreciated.



    I’m using Firefox 11 and I don’t see gold at all – just white.



    Hi alwayswellwithin,

    The links all appear white to me, in Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer 8 and 9.

    Try clearing your browser’s cache and seeing if that fixes the problem.

    If the gold persists, could you try viewing your site on another computer and seeing if the links still appear gold? Also, which web browser are you using?


    Thanks to both of you. Great ideas miclecat. I’m using Firefox 11 and I have cleared my cache many times. I’ll check it out on another computer and let you know! Will it be gold or white?!!


    I looked on another computer and the titles on the post sliders are white. When I use the default link color the post titles on the slider are also white.

    When I change the link color on my blog, it changes the color (this time to red) in the post titles on the slider. It also changes the titles of the post, which doesn’t happen when you use the default link color.

    Weird! I’m happy to know others are seeing white titles on the post slider. I would love to be able to see them too! I’ve cleared my cache many times as I’m working on another site and need to do that…so its not the cache….



    Don’t worry because I changed my theme. :) Still, an interesting phenomena!

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