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    I have the Dara theme but my blog ( does not look like it. I want my recent post to appear as a slide show on my blog.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi There,

    Keegan here, community member, I would be happy to help.

    The Featured Content slider appears on the front of your site. To set it up:

    1. Go into Customize → Featured Content and in the Tag Name field, add a tag to identify your featured content, such as featured or another word. Do not use any spaces or special characters.
    2. Add this same tag to any post, page, or portfolio project you’d like to add to the slider.
    3. Set a featured image of at least 1180px wide for each post, page, or portfolio project added to the slider.
    4. If no Featured Content tag is set, the Featured Image set for the front page will display in this area instead.

    You can find this info on your theme’s info page here –

    Please let me know if this answers your question, or if you need further assistance :)


    thanks so much. Very helpful. I got two post to show but the their one won’t show.



    Can you double check to make sure you have the same tag on your third post as the first two?

    The tag will need to be the same.



    From the Dara theme info page –

    On the theme demo, this section is populated with three Featured Pages, each with a title, Featured Image, and excerpt. To re-create the same look, follow these directions:

    1. Publish the three pages you would like to feature on your front page, and upload Featured Images for each page.
    2. Go to Customizer → Theme Options.
    3. Use the three drop-down menus to select the pages you’d like to feature.
    4. Click Save and Publish.

    The pages featured in this area will automatically occupy the entire width of your site. For example, a single featured page will occupy the entire column, two Featured Pages will divide the space into two columns, three Featured Pages will divide the space into three columns.


    it works, thanks. it just takes some time for my page to reflect the changes. thanks for your help

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