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Post Slug and Tags

  1. offlineblogger

    Are they the same? Because I'm really confused where to put my tags.

  2. No, they aren't.

    Don't worry about the post-slug, WP automatically fills it in when you save/publish the post.

    The tags are also known as categories and you choose them in the tick boxes to the right of the "write" window.

    Hope this helps!

  3. A slug is like a snippet of your actual post, the first line or so, a teaser to get people to read the rest.


    headline: White Buffalo Born in Downtown Miami
    Tags: animals, Miami, births, miracles, strange
    Slug: When Mrs. Buffalo, a performing animal, went into labour at the Abercrombie and Fitch's in downtown Miami, little did she know she was about to deliver a wee miracle right there in the shoe department!

  4. macroartinnature

    I thought a "slug" was what happened when I screwed something up and my wife did not like it! :)

    I'm so bad!!

  5. Actually a "post slug" is not a snippet or teaser. The post slug is what wordpress turns your post title into so it becomes part of the url.

  6. D'oh! So much for my tech savvy. I'm all about the print terms lately.

  7. No biggee - I've learned plenty from you and don't expect the exchange of information between volunteers to change. It's one of the best things about :)

  8. I think of slug as a teaser as well.

  9. offlineblogger

    thank you so much! so the categories *are* the tags! one new day, one new thing learned. thanks a bunch!

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