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    When I was creating my first post (I only have 2 thus far) I tagged it as Gallery. I wasn’t sure what it did, but thought I needed it to be tagged for the pic to display. I don’t see that option come up for my second post and the picture shows fine. However, I don’t know what Gallery is. My first post shows as “-Gallery” after the post name, but I don’t see Gallery as an option anywhere to remove the Gallery tag. Can someone let me know what this option is, what it does and how to uncheck it?


    The blog I need help with is



    Some themes support alternative post formats. Selecting an alternative format for a post results in some visual differentiation. If you have inserted several images in a post, and you select the Gallery post format, then your main page won’t display the full content of the post: it will display a sample thumbnail and a link to the rest of the content.

    But iNove doesn’t support alternative post formats, so a Gallery format post means no difference, and you probably created that post while using a different theme.


    You’re right. I did. I didn’t realize it varies from theme to theme. Thanks a bunch!



    You’re welcome. Yes, some themes support several alternative formats, some a few, some none at all – see here:

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