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    Please make my life easier!

    Is it possible to set up post templates on a blog? I would like to do a series of posts with very similar formats and contents. Is there anyway to do this so if I need to change an aspect of the format I can just change the template, so avoiding changing every single post individually?

    I know it can be done if I switch to using WordPress and writing my posts off-line but I really don’t want that hassle!

    Any help gratefully received.



    The blog I need help with is


    Some themes have templates, but I don’t know which ones or what they’re all about. I think the simplest thing to do is to make one post just as you like it, then (when in edit mode) copy it to a text file. Remove everything but the desired coding and save it. You can use that as your template and copy it into each new WordPress edit window.


    That’s not the simplest thing to do, it’s the only thing you can do. The so-called templates in the editor screen are available for pages only, and they are for creating a special page, e.g. an automatic list of your links.



    Thanks, I thought that was the case.


    It’s comforting to know that I’m not missing some easier technique. I should add that you want to copy the template into the WordPress edit window while it’s in HTML mode, not Visual mode. Also, to avoid breaking any long lines of code, copy from your text file while word-wrap is removed.


    If you use the Firefox browser, you can use a Greasemonkey script I wrote. I describe it in a post on my blog.



    You could save it as a Draft and change the details. It’s a bit simpler than using text.

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