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    I’ve been having this issue for several days. When I finish a post and click “publish” the post is published with no text or pictures. The post is completely blank. I have also been having a similar issue when I click “save draft”–the post text disappears! I looked back at previous discussion of this problem and tried clearing my cache and cookies, but this hasn’t helped. Any ideas?

    The blog I need help with is


    Is this the site you are talking about, ?

    What browser and browser version are you using?

    Have you tried a different browser to see if the issue is browser related?


    I was using Firefox. When I tried it in Explorer, I had the same issue. Is there a different browser I should be using? I used Firefox for the other posts (30 so far) with no issue. Any other ideas? Thanks!


    PS: Yes, that’s my blog! Thanks!



    Lots of people are reporting this issue. Until it is fixed across do this:

    1) Clear your browser cache and cookies and do a full restart of the computer. This seems to help prevent it from happening.

    2) Use an offline blog editor like Blogdesk or Ecto OR

    3) When you write a post, before hitting Publish go to Select All text in the Write box, then, while it’s still selected, Copy All, then while it’s STILL selected, hit Publish. That’s a very old trick that used to force WP to preserve the text. If the text vanishes anyway, you’ve got it on your clipboard and can just paste it in. If even pasting it doesn’t work, you can save it as a Word doc and then later just do a paste from Word.


    Thanks for the ideas! I did end up saving this separately while trying to troubleshoot the issue. I think I have figured out the issue. For some reason there was an issue with some of the images I was using, which I had pasted into the post rather than uploading them and inserting them as .jpgs. When I did upload the images as .jpgs and inserted them that way (rather than just pasting them in) I did not have this issue at all. I hope this helps others! If you’re having this issue, check your images!



    That’s interesting, thanks for the info.

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