post time -24 hrs, post not visible?

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    I posted an entry and the date and time stamp displayed as 24 hours prior to the actual time. I hadn’t adjusted my account’s time from GMT. However, the post showed up as being posted “Today” and “Yesterday” in my admin view. As a result, I couldn’t tell whether my post showed up (i.e., visible to others, but buried hundreds of posts deep) or not. I didn’t have the patience to page through to try and find it.



    The best way to find your post is to visit the Manage / Posts tab of your blog, and enter some search terms in the box at the top.


    Click on view in the line with the post title under manage > posts and that will take you to it. You can open the post for edit and change the time stamp which is at the bottom of the right sidebar (with the blue bars) in the edit window.

    Also, change your UTC/GMT offset so that it is correct if you haven’t already.



    Thanks for the replies. However, my concern was that as soon as I posted, my post was not visible to other site visitors (i.e., home page), because the time stamp somehow stamped my local time minus 24 hours. I can find my own blog page and posts, and I see where to change to my local time. I do not see the ability to change time stamp in editing mode.


    There is a row of blue bars to the right of the text area in the edit window. The bottom bar says “post timestamp.” Click on the “+” sign on that to open it and there you can change the timestamp.

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