Post title contains ‘…’ and I can’t link to it in Blogroll

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    I have a post I want to link to in a new group of links / blogroll. However the page has an ellipses in the title. It seems that try as I will, when I enter the URL and save it, and then verify, the ellipses (…) is stripped from the URL — of course resulting in a 404 failed link.

    Is there anyway I can force the blogroll editor (at Manage Blogroll; link-manager.php) to accept the ellipses characters as is?




    I’ve not seen many posts with an ellipsis so I’m not sure how that works; I just assumed the ellipsis is in the title but not in the postslug, so linking to it without the ellipsis shouldn’t be a problem. Could you post the link here, maybe between backticks (the key to the left of your 1 key) if it doesn’t show?

    Here’s one thing you could try. Get the link to the post and put it through TinyUrl, and then use the tinyurl link in your blogroll. It’s not the best way of doing it, but I think it should work, as long as TinyUrl recognizes the link.



    I suspect that the tinyurl is a GREAT idea… but let’s try this:ā€¦-from-the-brambles-and-thorns-of-betrayal-deception/

    This is how it comes out after saving in the blogroll editor:



    Interesting. The color change obviously indicates some kind of “code effect” of the ellipsis (I’m guessing)??



    Tiny URL didn’t work either. BUT I have solved it.

    I had to add the url as follows:


    Thanks for the assist/support/brainstorm! :)

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