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    I’ve had my blog for nearly a year now and the number of people finding the site has really waned. When I type the name of my blog into search engines it doesn’t come up and also my post titles don’t show. For instance I posted about and titled a post Ken Eardley – if I google him my blog does appear on page 3 but only with the name of my blog, not the name of the post. Also when you click on the link it takes you to the latest post rather than the one searched for. At least this one shows up though – most of my post titles don’t show up at all. I don’t find this when I google other people and come across wordpress blogs – I’m wondering if I’ve changed something by mistake? I seem to have vanished!

    My blog is Any help appreciated!

    The blog I need help with is



    I input your blog URL into and found that the RSS Feed is working

    I typed “” (no space following the colon) into Google and found 7 pages of results >

    All three major search engines provide webmaster tools that give you detailed information and statistics about how they see and crawl your website. In order to access most of the features, you will have to verify your sites. Here’s how you do it with each of the search engines:
    See also >



    Thanks for your suggestions, I have had my site verified with all of the above for some time.

    When I google old posts of mine, the titles do show up in the search engines however newer ones still aren’t being displayed or they simply show the name of the blog and go straight to the homepage. I really can’t work out what’s going wrong!



    I cannot see any way we can help you here on the forum, I believe this is an issue that must be resolved between you and Google.



    When you do a Google search in this format
    are your newer posts appearing in the results?



    I’m thinking it’s likely because there are more (perhaps MANY more) links to the blog URL itself rather than individual posts.

    On searching Google for your blog, I see what TT does, which is your posts, properly ranked. The more links to individual posts you have, the better.

    FYI you may want to reduce the resolution on your header image. It does take a very long time to load, because it’s very high quality; higher than the web can actually display. If you reduce it your whole blog will load faster and no-one will see any difference.

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