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Post Title/Featured Image Won't Show

  1. emilygallihugh

    My most recent blog post's title and featured image will not show up! I have a post title and featured image entered into it, and the "featured image" box is checked, saying my featured image should show, yet neither of them are showing!

    PLEASE tell me how to fix this!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'm having the same problem with . Did you manage to sort yours out?

  3. it looks like you have new posts since you asked this question with featured images--did the issue work itself out?

  4. @emilygallihugh
    Please provide the URL for the post in question in the form of an active link starting with http://

    I see this post title With Love
    And in it I see this image

    Here's the link to your theme description page

    Featured Images
    You can give your posts that extra flair with full-page width Featured Images, which really make your content stand out.

    Open the editor of the post or page where you want to display a unique custom header image, and locate the Featured Image module in the bottom right corner under Page Attributes. Click Choose a Featured Image. If you don’t see the Featured Image module on your Add New or Edit Post page, please make sure you’ve selected Featured Image in your Screen Options.

  5. Note: the size of the featured images is critical to their display.

    Please see above.

  6. Hi @timethief
    I've made sure the image is the right size (640 x 568) and it's still not showing up when I view the post. My title also doesn't appear, even though when I go to edit the post it says that I have a selected feature image and a title. I'm really not sure what to do now.

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