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    For some reason, the title of my most recent posts and their tags aren’t showing on my blog. How can I fix this?
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is


    Oh, and what is an “aside” post exactly? How do I change an already published post from being an “aside”?


    One last thing. The theme of my blog, “Vostok” does not support post formats, so I’m wondering why my last two posts are in the “Aside” format and how I can change these two posts back to “standard.” Help ASAP. Thanks!


    I came across that but I do not see the Format module after following those steps.


    If your theme doesn’t support it, then it’ll have been caused by something else. (Though a theme that doesn’t support them, should not show anything as an ‘Aside’ as that’s one of the formats in a theme that does!)

    Could you have made your last two posts Sticky, by mistake? A sticky post doesn’t have the title or tags. See here:


    I looked at this list and Vostok isn’t part of the themes that support post formats, but it clearly says “Aside” next to my last two blog posts. I just checked and none of my posts have been made sticky.


    How do I flag this forum for staff support?


    I’m thinking that you must have used a theme previously that did have post formats. So, if you switch to a theme that does support post formats temporarily and edit and change the post format from “aside” to “standard” that will work. Please try that.



    It’s also possible that you made those posts from something other than the Posts ->Add New page of your dashboard. Did you use the New Post button on your grey Admin bar?


    I had never used any other theme other than Vostok. But I just solved the issue by switching to a theme that supports the “Aside” post format, editing the posts back to the Standard format, and switching back to my previously used Vostok theme.

    I usually create new blog posts using the New Post button on the top of my screen, am I not meant to if I want to publish standard posts? That’s how I’ve always added new blog posts, so I’m curious as to why only my last two posts were made asides.



    The New Post button is the source of all kinds of trouble. It seems convenient, but the autosave doesn’t work with it. Don’t use it. I think staff changed something recently, causing this bug.


    Thank you! No wonder…

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