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    Hello, a couple of post titles are awkwardly cut off on Blogum…all the sudden. Please see latest post called Stuck personified as example. Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is



    The site linked to your username is using Wu Wei. Please give us a link to the site in question, starting with http://



    Unfortunately Blogum has very limited space for post titles on the front page so when you use a long-ish word it will get broken like that. I’m using the same theme and have experienced this on my own blog as well.

    I now notice you’ve posted this in the CSS Customization forum. Can’t help you with that, and am not sure this can be solved with CSS, but perhaps one of the members more knowledgeable in CSS than I can chime in.


    The reason it gets broken is that wordpress, to keep from having orphaned words on a separate line, inserts a non-breaking space between the last two words of a sentence, page or post title. With only two words, and one of them being long, this can happen. It doesn’t happen with the standard theme font, but with the custom font you are using it does.

    I can’t find it right now, but there is an HTML character code you can use to put in between the two words that will let them break normally. Panos was the one that posted it, and I thought I had referenced it in my copy/pasta file, but apparently I did not.


    Thanks for the information…do you have any suggestions? should I just change my custom font?


    I’ll see if I can get Panos to come to this thread and give you the code to put in between the two words in the title to fix it.

    The thing is, with the limited space to the left of the post content, this will likely come up again with another long word. It is one of the drawbacks of this type of theme design.



    tsp-it does happen on sites using Blogum irrespective of the Custom Design upgrade. Have a look at Page 3 of my site, so I’ll also be happy to know if there’s a fix for this that will only affect post titles on the front page. :)


    Panos has an HTML character code that you can use between the words that will allow them to break. I’ve posted at Starbucks (cough) with a call for him to drop by this thread.



    Ah. /lightbulb :)

    The only downside I could think of is whether the code will also affect the single post title as well, and somehow I think it will.


    It isn’t a forced break between the words. It just replaces the non-breaking space with something else that allows the words to break if they need to.


    thanks…i’ll keep looking here for the code


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    & e n s p ;
    & e m s p ;
    (without the spaces)
    Insert the code before the word you want the title to break on. It tells WordPress you want a small or large space between the two words.


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    I inserted an em space between “to” and “” (a title you have on one of your posts) and it looks fine on the front page (no orphaned “?”), as well as on the single page view.


    @tess, thanks a lot for posting those, and I have most definitly gotten them into my copy/pasta file.


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    You are welcome.

    They are much less known entities than the non-breaking space. I have not used either, but apparently in some fonts (equal-spaced) it makes a difference if you use en or em space.


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    (not used either except in my test blog on Bloggum)



    Thank you, 1tess! Will put it to work a little later today.


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    Check out how they look in different browsers. I only tried in FireFox on my test blog.
    My computer died over this past holiday weekend here so I don’t have much time to experiment with things until I get repairs or upgrades…
    best to you…

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