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    I am using the Vertigo theme and sometimes the post titles disappear and reappear without me changing anything. I am not sure what is causing them to come and go because I usually have the same settings for all of my posts.

    Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is


    Go to posts > all posts and make sure titles are showing for the posts that do not show a title on the main page. I’m seeing numbers as the post titles when I look at the source code for your site, and that normally indicates that perhaps a title was not entered for the post in which case nothing is shown.


    I added a title after I saved my draft (with no title), and now the title doesn’t appear on the preview page.



    Try this,
    Add the title, save the draft, and then preview. You can also check it out on an alternate browser.



    I readded a title for the ones that keep disappearing it still disappears. Now when I preview my post the titles would appear at first but after staying for a second it disappears.


    This is something staff will have to look into for you I think. I’ll tag this for staff attention and hopefully they will be around soon to help you out.


    Thank you. I thought I had it because under “format” it said “aside,” so I changed it to “standard.” The title showed, then the next time I logged in, the link and title were gone, even though it shows it on the draft. I’m going to remove the draft post and retype it entering the title first like I usually do.



    This may not address your issue. However, few seem to know that if you are creating posts here!/post/ then you are creating “asides”/ I recommend creating posts only on your own blog’s dashboard at and selecting which post format you prefer. Standard will have the title.

    May be related


    Thank you, that could have been the reason. I did not enter the new post draft through the dashboard. I deleted the entire post and will retype it , again, my usual way.



    Here are a few posts that I noticed with no title: We cannot display the blog title in Chinese Characters if your blog’s language is not switched to that via Settings -> General in your blog’s Dashboard. has no title saved. also has no title saved.


    I started from scratch, entered the title first (like I usually do), and all is well. The lesson to be learned is to always put in a title. Anything, because you can always change it at a later time. Thanks for all your suggestions.



    You’re welcome!

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