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Post titles do not appear on the blog

  1. Titles stopped 'appearing' in my published blog posts. Titles are still there when I open posts for editing. Everything was working OK till 2 October 2012. Cleared the cache, tried different browsers - the same issue. No titles.
    Blog url:

  2. That's because you published some of them as Image format posts. If you go to Posts > All Posts, you'll see "Image" next to their titles. Tick the little squares to select them, select Edit from the Bulk Actions pulldown, click Apply, select Standard from the Format pulldown, click Update.

  3. Oops... Thanks for letting me know. Got the format changed to Standard - everything looks OK now. Thanks for your help. Much appreciated :-)

  4. thanks... I had the same question; justpi's answer helped me reformat the posts so titles appear again. much appreciated. ta,

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