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    How can I choose to post contents on different pages, other than the main page? while posting an entry i do not see an option where it would let me select a different page.

    The blog I need help with is


    Hi Happy!
    I don’t want to assume your familiarity with any of this technology, but I believe you may be confusing your Posts and Pages. I believe this brief documentation might help:

    You typically use WordPress Pages to post relatively static content, e.g. “About Us”, “Contact Us”, etc. And use Posts for blog entries that are typically displayed in reverse-chronological order.

    You could possibly use Post Categories to categorize your blog Posts, and then set navigation items to exist as landing pages for those categories. So your Posts could be categorized under: “Kidney Disease Treatment” and then you could set a navigation item to go to a page that displays (in reverse chronological order) all the recent posts in that category.

    Hope this helps.


    I’ve been squeezing my brain for a solution to my problem, hopefully you can help me cause it’s related to this. I want to link the categories to my menu and I have followed all the tutorials, combed the forum, etc and haven’t found a solution because all the tutorials show that when you go to appearance-menus, on the left should be a column with pages, links and categories that you can add to the menu, but I can’t see it, here’s the screen shot:


    I have purchased the domain but no premium theme or anything. I’m new at this so I don’t want to go into php and stuff, and according to the tutorials it should be easy but since I can’t find that column I don’t know what to do.

    my blog is and I’m using the Hemingway rewritten theme.

    is it a theme problem? (I think it’s not, cause I have also tried other themes and they don’t have the column either) do I have to purchase anything else? should I move to (I don’t think so, it should be really easy just with



    @baloriflorencia, I can not replicate that issue with that theme. The Categories and Links option displays fine for me.

    Can you verify that you have some Posts that are categorized? Maybe the Categories and Links options don’t display until you have some Posts that are categorized? I’m not certain that it should behave that way, but worth a shot.


    yeah, I do, I published a couple of posts and the categories show on the sidebar, if you go to the blog again you will see them, I added them during the weekend, but I still don’t have the option of adding categories to the custom menu…



    You’re not the first person to report this problem. I will flag this for staff attention.


    thank you! I’m really looking forward to a solution…


    no solution yet…


    @raincoaster, I’m testing this and also looking for additional reports. I checked the last 4 weeks of things currently listed in the “custom menu” tag in the forums and I only saw one similar-sounding report but we checked it out and found that their Appearance > Menus page was working just fine in that case. I looked around a bit more but couldn’t find any other similar reports.


    @baloriflorencia, I checked your blog and I see what you mean. Options like Categories and Links are missing from your Appearance > Menus page. However, I couldn’t figure out how to reproduce that same problem on my test blog, so I’m not sure what’s causing the problem yet!

    Can I add some menu items for you while I continue to search for the source of the problem? If so, let me know which categories you would like added to the CATEGORÍAS menu on your Appearance > Menus page. All of them?


    So, I feel a little silly that I missed this, but the reason you weren’t seeing the additional menu options was because they were turned off in your Screen Options settings…

    I have turned them back on for you.


    genius! thank youuuuu

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