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Post to multiple pages

  1. 365daysofsalad

    Your page vs. post place says it describes a workaround to posting to multiple pages. I have tried everything that is posted and nothing works and to be honest it is very confusing.
    I will be posting recipes that I would like to show up on the home page - I would also like them to show up in the Recipes Page.
    I would also like to post articles in the other PAGES without them showing up on my main page. How can I do this. I have tried to use your support pages - but I am still lost.

    Blog url:

  2. Pages are a form of content, like posts, and as such they cannot contain posts.

    Instead, I recommend utilizing your categories, which will give you category archive pages like

  3. 365daysofsalad

    Hi there, I'm a bit confused. This is what you guys have on your wordpress site - this is copied word for word:

    "Post vs. Page
    Explains the differences between posts (listed in order from newest to oldest on your blog) and pages (which are static and not listed by date). Also explains a workaround to posting to a page, which involves using a post category and custom menu link."

    It says right in there - there is a workaround to posting to a page. There is also this:

    "If you have a theme that supports the Custom Menus feature, you can customize your navigation menu. This allows you to:

    Change the order of pages
    Nest pages to create sub-menus
    Display posts on multiple pages by creating category pages
    Add posts, tag pages, and custom links to your navigation menu"

    Why do you have these on the support pages if they don't work or are not possible?

  4. It is possible, which is exactly as I have said above.

    As the guide says, "a workaround to posting to a page, which involves using a post category and custom menu link."

    This is a post category page:

    You can add that to your menu by creating a custom menu:

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