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    Is there a plug-in on to allow readers to download a post as a PDF file similar to the Create PDF plug-in from


    Sorry, there is no similar option available to blogs.



    You can have a post to pdf option in a different way, though.
    You have to do for individual posts, though.

    Any Social Bookmarking for is a DIY solution and it offers a “save as pdf” option along with other options.

    If you don’t like the method, you can use printfriendly browser tool to create a pdf for a specific blog post
    You can then link to the printfriendly url for your blog post to a text-link that says “save as pdf”.
    The reader can click that link and download the pdf.

    Are you going to need post-to-pdf option often? If so, I can create a code so that you can launch a post-to-pdf button in your blog post in one click.




    I have just created a post-to-pdf bookmarklet for blog posts. You can use it to add a post-to-pdf button in a post in ONE click even before you leave your blog editor.

    You can find the bookmarklet here:
    “Post-to-PDF” bookmarklet for wordpress

    You can find the bookmarklet instructions here:
    How to allow your readers to download pdf version of your blog post

    Alternately, you can use a text link instead of a button link. To do that, simply use the code below:
    <a href="">download this page as pdf

    Simply replace the phrase PASTE-POST-URL with the actual url of your blog post to make it work for your blog post.

    When clicked, both the button link and text link opens a “Save File” dialogue box with which your reader can save the blog post as PDF.



    Sorry, the code for text link is incomplete.
    Try this code instead:
    <a href="">download this page as pdf</a>

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