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    Hi there,

    I’m kind of a wordpress newbie, I have done a few custom templates for people, but I’ve decided to code a site for a client using wordpress as the back end. I’m wondering if there is a way to write posts and have then only display on specific pages? For example, if I have a number of pages, with different information on them, is there a way to write a post and have it appear on a specific page?

    Thanks in advance!


    Umm, sorry I think I figured out that categories is the way to go, sorry!



    My question is similar but I don’t want to use categories.

    I want to have different pages with postings related to that particular page topic.

    In other words, if someone clicks on a page, they will see a list of postings on the sidebar related to the subject of that page. Is this possible?


    @4nan, we need a link to your blog please.



    Sorry …

    This is a new blog so there’s not much there.

    What I want is the Home page to be static (which it is, although the tabs are out of order … tried to change it to the #1 position but it didn’t work).

    Then I will be using other pages for various topics. Can I just show the postings for that topic on that page … or do I have to use URL links as I’ve currently done?

    Also, right now the ‘article’ on the Sleep Aids page is a sub-page.



    There is only one dynamically updating post page, and that is the main page of the blog. Pages that you create are static and sit outside the blog structure and are used for static content that seldom changes such as an about page, or a terms and use page.

    Your only choice here at wordpress.COM is to use categories. Some people create links to those categories in the body of their static front page to further guide the user in the way they want them to use the site.


    I would also suggest turning comments off on the static front page by opening the page for edit and then in the “discussion” bar below the text area, deselect “allow comments” and then click “update page” to save the change.



    That’s what I was afraid of. :-(

    Thanks anyway. Appreciate the help.


    You’re welcome. It really should not be this hard. My feeling is that if you go to settings > discussion and deselect allowing comments, it should should apply to old and new posts and pages and also remove the fields and comment box.

    This really needs to be fixed.


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    It’s really not so bad.

    When you assign your posts to appropriate categories, say “sleep aids”, “nutrition”, and “travel” a reader can choose a category.

    WordPress automatically makes a page which shows all your posts in that category.
    The links will be something like:

    You can put titles of these automatically generated pages on your static page, and link to each one.
    The pages look similar to a blogging page.

    In most themes, I think you can display summaries or custom excerpts. Some themes (I think) will display whole articles.


    As I’ve noted in other threads, if what you want is groups of posts as page tabs in the header, it CAN be done. You just create a page for each category, and put a link to the category in the title box of the page. Peculiar limitation: the name of the link must include a space.


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    I forgot about that trick. Very good.



    @panaghiotisdam, you wrote “Peculiar limitation: the name of the link must include a space.”

    Can you be more specific?

    I am trying to update my blogsite,

    The categories, tags, and blogroll on this site are only recently enabled.

    The problem is that the site has not been updated in a while and there is a lot of older material that I need to updated – but if I make those updates it will be very confusing if they are displayed as posts in reverse chrono order.

    I am trying to find a way to create tabs at the top of the page that would like to the parent categories (e.g. LRT, Admin, Media, Commentaries, etc). Eventually I would want people to see another category, “latest” for the most recent updates while the older background information stays where it is.

    Any suggestions you can give are very much appreciated.



    “The name of the link must include a space”. How can I get more specific than that? It won’t work if the name is a single word: needs two words, or a word plus a space. (Do you know how to write links using html code?)

    Now to the actual suggestions:

    – With the theme you’re using, you can forget it. The tabs will come out wrong.

    – With the theme you’re using, you can also forget about having many page tabs in the header anyway: if you get past what will fit in one row, the rest get hidden behind the blue background.

    – Regardless of that, having many header tabs is not very elegant. You could create ONE “Older Material” page and write links to your categories in it.



    @panaghiotisadam, thanks for your reply.

    I did say I was new at this :) I was wondering where/how I would put the space within the name of the link…and no, I don’t actually know much (if anything) about writing html code.

    Can you suggest an alternative theme? I actually just changed the theme thinking that the 3 column theme would be better for navigation.

    Thanks in advance

    Cheers, m


    Link that opens in the same window of your browser:
    <a href="URL HERE">NAME HERE</a>
    Link that opens in a new window:
    <a href="URL HERE" target="_blank">NAME HERE</a>

    As for themes, I can’t suggest one for you – there are lots of details that vary from theme to theme.

    If you choose to stick to the left & right sidebars idea, Andreas09 and Garland are also like that. (But they have flexible width: if you are a beginner, they might give you slightly more trouble arranging photos in posts.)



    I’ve read the above posts but I’m still sort of confused.
    Basically i have the same problem as creativelifeform
    I have a home page and another page called “Test your own snap judgements”
    I’ve seen other blogs where there are multiple posts on one page and I was wondering how to achieve that.
    I’ve tried assigning categories and having a category widget but when I go to the “Test your own snap judgements” page, I only see one post and i have to click on the link from the side to another page.
    Is it possible that whenever someone goes to my blog, clicks on the “Test your own snap judgements” page, and sees separate posts without having to click on links from the widget?
    Thanks soo much


    this is the link to my blog
    its really messed up right now because i tried to make a couple test posts to see if they’d go on the “test your own snap judegemtns” page.



    1. You cannot have multiple posts on any page other than the main posts page.

    2. You don’t have any posts categorized “Test your own snap judgments” so there is no way to to create such a category page on the fly.


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    In Ocean Mist, your home page (with all your posts) is reached by clicking on the title of your blog.

    “Welcome” and “Test your own jusdgements” are pages and you reach them by using a pages widget or by clicking on the tabs picture header.

    Pages and posts are different from each other. Pages have static content. Posts are shown in order of latest to oldest on your home or posting page.

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