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    A blog user has reported a problem to me that whenever they use the “Post to WordPress” function they receive this error message:

    “Sorry, you are not allowed to publish this post on your blog.”

    I believe that error message is being generated on the XML-RPC call back to In other cases this call (and the Post to WordPress) button seem to be functioning normally. Can anyone tell me under what condition a XML-RPC call to metaWeblog.newPost or metaWeblog.getPost might return this error?

    vodpod team



    Hi Scott,

    Much appreciated, I’d love to see VP working again. To make sure, staff reads this, pease send this via the contact form as well.



    I used vodpod for the first time today, and it went pretty smoothly.
    I embeded 2 videos seamlessly.


    I’m following up via the ticket that you submitted.



    my browser tells me that the post to wordpress add-on is not functional in Firefox 3.0



    Interesting. I’m using an Alpha of the next Camino, Version 2.0a1pre (1.9pre 2008061223), It’s the Firefox 3 Gecko engine in native Mac OS X app. I’ll check funtionality on a non-beta browser.

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