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post vanished

  1. First, I posted a new article on few minutes ago. When I logged out and came back, the post had vanised !! Also when I tried to create a new posts & hit "Save & Continue Editing" the in-progress post again got vanished !!

    Second, I changed the theme to Regulus of my other blog [] but when I visited it again, the theme had restored back to what it was earlier !!

  2. Same happening here. And it looks normal, right up to the point at which it disappears. And when I came over here to post about it, it gave me a bizarre security certificate warning.

    WHATEVER YOU GUYS ARE DOING please stop! Put it back as it was or give us some warning. But losing a big, original post with lots of images and links is just heartbreaking

  3. Same thing also happening with comments as well !!


  4. The problem will disappear in a moment - Sorry!

  5. *runs of to make popcorn and breathe into a paper bag*

    Sorry if I lost it, but that was an hour's work I lost! I appreciate that you're on it so fast.

  6. And it even saved the drafts! Thank you, I've deleted all the ones where I swear alot.

  7. Thanks you podz for the quick resolution !

  8. What I've seen is that if you save the post, it is there even though you can't see it. It's happened a few times to me too where posts disappear but then later come back. Or just go and edit any post but don't edit anything. Just save it. Then that second, everything is back to normal. I type everything on my Notepad before I post it on my blog.

  9. Okay so here's a suggestion from a sometimes humble newbie. If you are writing a long post [1 hour's worth is a lot of work] then why aren't you writing it in a word processing program first, and then cutting and pasting it into your blog? Isn't this approach guaranteed to bring your blood pressure down, particularly, if during the process of "tweaking" it after pasting it into the blog box you "save and continue editing" frequently until you have a finished product ready for publishing? I don't get why you wouldn't be doing what I suggest so if ther'es a good reason it's not a valid approach then please clarify for me.

  10. While at Blogger, I learned the hard way after losing everything. Type everything on a Pad. Or before clicking the save or send button, jast copy everything that you just wrote by copying it with your mouse.

  11. ...And make an occasion backup of your blog via RSS every once in a blue moon. :)

    Just make sure you return the RSS post output back to a more reasonable number afterwards.

  12. How many RSS things should a site have? I think I have the option to put two. But I only have one now because I don't know anything about feeds and I don't want to screw things up. But should I have two or just leave it be with the one that was already there?

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