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Post vanished when I tried to publish it. Hacked? How can I retrieve post?

  1. I wrote a long post and it vanished when I wanted to publish it i.e. the text and images vanished. I looked up revisions, and they all showed "zero" letters. When I clicked on "compare revisions" (or so) there was an eerie text like "The matrix got you. This is the white rabbit. This won't happen again." I didn't understand, I' m German. What happened? Is my account hacked? How can I restore this very important post I have no copy of?
    This is the permalink of the now gone post:
    The post was a draft which I saved many times in order to prevent a loss. Now everything is gone. It's really important. Can you help?

    Thanks a lot

    Mo from Cologne
    Blog url:

  2. if you created that post using the "Add New" on the main page for here!/post/ then what you describe can happen and worse still the draft posts may be lost and may not be recoverable.

    If you created the post in your dashboard here then you may be able to recover an earlier post revision.

    Go to Posts > All Posts, hover over the title of the post, click Edit and check the Post Revisions module for previous saved versions of the post.

    If you're not seeing the Revisions module while on the editor screen, click Screen Options (top right corner of your Admin page) to activate it. Then select the post and page modules to include them. Then you ought to be able to go here > Dashboard > All Posts > Posts and locate the post and recover it from post revisions.

    If you cannot locate the post for locating and restoring a post revision, and it's not in your Trash folder then you will not be able to recover it.

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