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    so yes i went to the suppor page and though it was helpful, i still need some help.

    i had and old blog where you just could add to your pages, like if one was say devotions i could keep adding to it the day of reading.

    but i notice here on the pages you can`t??? could some one please go to my site and tell me what ya think? So i see i can keep p;osting which goes to my home page which i have come to accept as my blog page. but i would like to add to the others as well. is there a way???

    when i edit i do see the option for more?? more what space, pharagraph space?


    thanks Liz

    The blog I need help with is



    Let’s deal with your issues one at a time.
    “i had and old blog where you just could add to your pages, like if one was say devotions i could keep adding to it the day of reading.”

    There are differences between a post and a page. Pages are static. They are a good way to publish information that doesn’t change much, like an “About” page. Pages appear in the Pages widget and in tabs/links across the top of some themes. Pages are not associated with a date/time like posts. You can add to Pages by editing them.

    This entry describes the differences between a static page and a post.

    This entry describes the two methods of creating Pages (static pages) for content that rarely, if ever changes, and how to edit static Pages.



    I have a devotions page at the top. Is this what you mean?

    it’s one of the tabbed pages at the top.



    I see that you have a static Page for Devotions. I would not keep editing and adding to such a Page. IMHO your readers are not likely to desire to keep on scrolling and scrolling down the Page to read the new content.



    Yeah, I learned that from you :) so what I’ve been doing is delete old and adding new.. Is that not a good idea?

    And if it is, do you have any suggestions for a devotional page where I can update it but it not being a post.


    then as i said i have gone to the support section but still do not understand how would i have such a page then that is added to reguarly? besides the home page that is set up as a blog format i see???!!! thanks for any and all help i really am trying before i come here to get more wisdom honest.




    You seem to be attempting to use a blog as a website and the two are quite different. A blog has only one page for dynamic contentt that frequently changes and displays the most recent post at the top.

    At present you have these static pages: Art Corner, Devotions, Guest Book and Slides. If you intend to keep editing and adding to them which will make them grow ever longer and require scrolling then I recommend you consider making them into categories and following the instructions you find here instead
    Note that you will have to switch to using one of the themes in this column, rather than the theme you are using now.
    (1) Ok in



    I see what you are doing and cannot make any suggestions for improvement that will not offend you. To me a blog is a blog and a website is a website. I would use a static page ONLY as a static page that functioned as an index to my Devotions posts. On my “Devotions” index page place the links to the posts I publish that are assigned to the Category – Devotions.



    It’s not offensive in any way — you’d have to say something really outrageous for me to be offended. I understand what you mean as to a blog is a blog and a website is a website.

    What I may do is create a new blog that is just for devotionals only and link it to my blog or I just may delete the devotions completely. I may delete them simply because while there are readers, it is not a high number of readers (I can tell from my dashboard who is reading what).

    Which leads me to another problem. I have an alpha list of all my posts which I update regularly (it’s my static page). I don’t know if that’s an issue since I update that all the time. If it’s a problem, then I will delete it since I have the WP generated archives. Is it a problem to continually update a static page as far as crawlers, etc.?



    I’m so glad you were not offended. I think the companion blog idea for Devotions sounds workable.

    I also have a static pages “All Posts” where I place the date and the title links to all posts I publish. In essence, it’s an index to all my posts. I could replace it by using the archive short code but when I began my index page there was no short code. I haven’t experienced any problems with crawlers.




    Okay, this is what I am going to do — and feel free to tell me that it’s a bad idea (honest, I don’t offend easily). I am going to delete the devotional static page in it’s entirety which I already know is going to create 404 errors but hopefully it will eventually fix itself (it will, won’t it??). I will keep my alpha list page — I have it there mostly for me and created it mostly for me but I see readers using it as well.

    I will then set up a blog that is for devotionals only and link it on my sidebar via rss. Just the title of the devotional will show up, not the whole text.

    So how much damage will I be doing to my site if I do that?



    I originally created my “All Posts” index page just for my own use but then I saw that there were readers using it so I abandoned the idea of making it “private”. What you propose to do makes sense to me. I don’t think you will do any damage at all. Once any page produces a 404 (page not found) you can remove it from Google’s cache. Instructions are in this post



    Thanks. Am removing 404 errors — never knew that I could do that. There was a time when I sort of messed things up by changing the date/time on some posts and that gave me 404 errors.

    Anyway, thanks for your help! One of these days, my blog will be up to snuff (so to speak).



    one more question and I’ll get off this site for tonight and leave ya’ll alone :)

    Okay, I fixed my 404 errors and requested that Google remove them. It is in pending status. But another problem I have is a redirect error. I looked up on the support pages and here about redirect errors but all I could find has to do with redirecting blogs. That’s no the issue I have. I have 12 links that are redirect errors listed in my google webmaster. Here’s an example of a link:

    They are tags. Would I ask that these be removed using the tool that I used to remove the 404 errors? They are not actual links to posts so I am unclear what to do.


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