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Post via email tags

  1. Hi all

    I am trying to configure posting via email to my site. I have the emails coming through fine. The subject is ok but the tags are not working properly. They dont get set as tags but just get included in the body of the post.

    As an example I would send

    [tags testtag]

    The above 2 lines are what show in the body of my post and there are no tags.

    Any help would be appreciated as I am going mad trying to figure this out.


  2. What are your settings here? Settings > Reading
    Enhanced Feeds
    Add to each article in your feed:
    _Comment count

    Changes may not appear until you create a new post or your news reader refreshes.

  3. I dont seem to have that.

    Under settings I have
    General, writing, reading, discussion, media, permalinks, search everything, welcome plugin

    I dont see anything about enhance feeds

  4. What is the URL of the blog in question starting with http:// ?


    None of those posts are showing as I didnt approve them. The posts currently there were done manually.

  6. Thanks for the URL. As I suspected that's not a free hosted blog and we do not provide support for it. If you need support for software you are posting to the wrong support forum. and are completely separate and have separate logins. If you don't have a username account at WordPress.ORG click and register one on the top right hand corner of the page that opens, so you can post to the support forums there and receive advice from WordPress.ORG bloggers.

  7. Ah ok. Sorry I was not aware of that. I will head over there now.

    Thanks for your time.

  8. You're welcome and best wishes with your site.

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