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    Hi, Folks! I have read the Support threads and now realize, 1) blog post videos are not available in subscriber emails and, 2) email/web browsers treat video in email differently.

    However, shouldn’t there be something in the subscriber email denoting that a video is present in the post? I embedded a Vimeo video today, which appears beautifully in the blog itself ( ), but there is absolutely no reference to it in the subscriber email – no thumbnail, nothing. This really bites. Did I do something wrong? Or is this just the way it is?


    The blog I need help with is



    This is the RSS Feed URL
    Notice that all media files are in it. Some email clients display media files and some do not.



    Thanks as always, Timethief! I’m still confused, though. In Mac Mail and in Gmail, there was absolutely nothing indicating that a video file exists in the blog post. No thumbnail, no link, nothing. That’s my concern.

    So when subscribers receive the email, they read a mention of a video, but they don’t see anything denoting that one actually exists.

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