Post v.s. Publish?

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    Hey guys! I am a new member here at and I noticed while writing an entry that there are two buttons: Post, and Publish. I was just wondering if someone could explain the difference between the two.


    Actually if you are talking about to the right of the post writing and editing window, it is “save” and “publish”.

    Save, saves the post (or page) but does not put it on your blog, it “saves” it as a draft (unpublished). Once you are done with the post and want to put it onto your blog, you press “publish.” At that point the “publish” button will disappear (since the post is now published). Any changes you make to the post from that point will be saved to the published post.



    Hmmm….maybe I misread the other button. Thanks a lot! I appreciate your help.


    You’re welcome. If I turn out to have assumed incorrectly, let us know.

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