Post widths change on older posts as you scroll down

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    I’m trying to fix a problem I’m having with my oldest posts getting smaller and smaller widths as you scroll down to the bottom of my blog. They get to the point where they are unreadable. I’ve looked at my newer posts compared to the older ones and there doesn’t seem to be a difference in the way I wrote the posts.

    Additionally, I’ve posted 39 times total and all my posts, even old ones, are showing on the blog page. I’ve reduced my number of posts to 10 to display, but when you get to the bottom and click “show older posts” it automatically loads all the older ones at once. Not sure if there a way to fix this.

    I’m using the Bueno theme. Any help is much appreciated.

    The blog I need help with is


    The first problem: I’ve scrolled through your blogs and can’t see them narrowing at all, so this is most likely to be a problem with your browser or possibly some add ons you have in it. Please try clearing your cache and then log back in to your account and see if that makes a difference. if that doesn’t work, then update your browser or try using a different one.

    The ‘show older posts’ button is missing from your blog, instead you have ‘load more posts’ and is part of the infinite scroll feature. Please read this to understand more about it and how to disable it:

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