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Post won't post

  1. I have attempted way too many times now to add a new post this afternoon. Fortunately I had it saved in another document. Whew! Anyway, each time I click publish, it appears to work, even gives the "View Post" link. But it's not there!
    Should I walk away and try again later, or is there some other problem that needs attention?

  2. I just got the same issue, and I've heard of it before. Go to your Dashboard and drop them a feedback about it, so the techs canget working on it right away. I'm sending mine now! No posts = not good! I'm also getting comment notification and the comments aren't showing on the blog. Might be related.

  3. What I see is the same post:
    Are Orphans Orphans? published 5 separate times.
    I'm using a firefox 2 browser. Do you think the fact you can't see these posts points at a possible browser issue?

  4. I'm using Firefox 1.5 and I too, see 5 posts. Maybe it was fixed?

  5. I'm using IE6 and I see five posts. Can someone check mine and tell me if they see the fireman post or the SETI post at the top?

  6. SETI followed by Cheney
    What fireman? Where fireman?

  7. ok, maybe i'm having the same problem? could somebody please check my blog. i don't see the posts.

  8. Suddenly it turned up in drafts, when it wasn't there before. Very strange. Posted now, I think.

  9. Yup,it's there 5 times, now. I had even closed the browser several times and re-opened and did not see the post. I'll go delete the extras. That's the first time I've had this problem since I've been blogging here, so . . . Don't know.
    I did walk away for awhile and just came back.
    Thanks everybody!

    raincoaster, I do see the SETI post.

  10. dbleis, I see Ten Things About My Week three times.

    I think this is a dysynchronicity between data centres, in other words some of the servers have the newest versions of our sites and some have only older versions, and it takes them a few minutes to synch up so they're all hosting the newer versions. That's something that happened in the past as well and wasn't too difficult to fix. Let staff know you're having the trouble through Feedbacks and they should get on it.

    My fireman, who had been visible, has now vanished again into the pixelsphere. Amelia Earhardt must have stolen him.

  11. Well, now I can't get the extra posts to delete. Definately time for me to step away from the computer. I'll check on it again later.

  12. @raincoaster
    I see "naked fireman poster" :) and yeah I think your right this is probably caused by different servers with different versions at different points in time and load balancing
    I see this post only once en Things About My Week #1 :)
    I see that the extra posts have been removed.:)

  13. Well you can understand then why Amelia would want him all to herself.

  14. @rain
    He's there. I can see him. Since when did Amelia get a rep for going for younger men?

  15. The post showed up like a 100 times, so I ended deleting the extra copies. I think I got all of them, but I will check again later just to make sure. Thanks everybody!

  16. I just started with wordpress today, I can see my posts in IE but not firefox, which generally I prefer to use. Annoying.

    p.s. just checked again & there is a new post there - in firefox. What's going on? Time for a cuppa I think...

  17. Actually our blogs usually display wonderfully in firefox and it's IE that has some problems. Either way this problem can't be addressed by volunteers on the forum. Please try a couple of force clearings of your browser hold ctrl and f5 down at the same time and if the problem persists send a feedback into staff.

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