Post Word Wrap does not work

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    I am self-hosting WordPress 2.9.2

    When I insert an image into a post (left justified using the correct button) the image appears with proper margins and the text wraps on the right correctly.

    When I look at the saved post in a browser the text wraps the first line of the text at the very bottom of the image (a .jpg) with white space above. When I return to edit the post it appears correctly.

    I have a custom theme and I thought it might be conflicting with style.css but I cannot find a problem with that file.

    Also while editing the post if I try to “Preview Changes” to browser locks!!

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    You may not realize it, but there are two very different and separate kinds of WordPress.
wp.COM is a multi-user platform with free hosting
wp.ORG is software for self-hosted blogs
    So, the forum where you can find assistance would be:
    The differences in more detail:

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