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  1. ambridgeevents

    I'm blindmikey. I do developer work. One of my old clients as ambridge events. Not sure how, but with the merger of gravatar and these got meshed together.

    Now when I attempt to change my username from "ambridgeevents" to "blindmikey" I get a message saying that it is already in use.

    Point to the same content. And in the footer, both say their links are:

    How can I ditch in favor of ?

    Please help!

  2. but with the merger of gravatar and these got meshed together.

    Did you know that your account has always been a account? It’s true.

  3. ambridgeevents

    I did not!

    If that's the case, I'm at a loss at how I've found myself in this predicament.

    Any ideas on how I'd fix it?

  4. Although username accounts are not deleted, so you cannot be impersonated and have your reputation affected by anyone registering the same username in the future, there are steps you can take that amount to removing all personal information and result in leaving only a throwaway email address behind.

    1. You can go to My Account->Edit Profile and remove all data except the account name and an email address. Create a throwaway email address and change the account email to that throwaway address. This only leaves the username behind.

    2. To unsubscribe from email sent to you from, go here and click on “Block all subscription emails from”:!/following/subsettings/

    3. To ensure the account is locked up tightly, visit this site, generate a password of 15-20 characters, and change the account password to it:

    4. To hide your Gravatar profile, please read "How do I hide my profile?" section of the help page:

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Deleting blogs and/or blog content does not remove any indexed items from the SERPs (search engine page results). Google and Bing only clear their caches of deleted indexed content that produces a 404 (page not found) every 3 - 6 months.

  5. Note this in case you have blogs registered under ambridgeevents that you want to trnafer to blindmoney.

  6. trnafer = transfer :(

  7. And blindmonkey & blindmoney = blindmikey :)

    Seriously though, thank you for you quick and very helpful responses.

    I've been able to recover the blindmikey account. I'll look into removing the ambridgeevents account.

    Thanks again!

  8. Oops! While it's true that I'm visually challenged that was a stupid mistake on my part. I do apologize.

    Make sure you transfer any blogs registered under ambridgeevents to blindmikey first.

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