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  1. clearly1choice

    Hey, I'm kind of new to the whole blogging thing. I just found out there was a forum...haha. I'm interested in finding some good blogs, so post yours here so I can check it out. You can check mine out if you want,

  2. There are threads on this already... many many threads.

    But hi anyway :)

  3. clearly1choice

    Well by new I mean I've only been "blogging" for about a month or so. Only like 12 that a lot?

  4. No. 60 would be a lot for a month. In the forums it's always best to look around before posting. There are at least six threads where people are invited to post about their blogs, and one where they're invited to post what they've posted that day. Join in.

  5. If you look to the top of the 'Off Topic' (in the yellow zone) and see the "plug your blog in here"? Yup. Plug your blog in there.

  6. it is all about club penguin =)

  7. I dont have blog on WordPress.COM (in working condition) but still i am here to help people.
    I have self hosted blog at

  8. I'm somewhat new to blogging too. Here's my blog--all about the issues surrounding turning thirty.

    I'd love for people to read it!

  9. my website is called comment to my website id love to read what you comment

  10. Click on my name



  11. Ha, I just realized my arrow doesn't point to my name...


  12. Make it point to mine.

  13. Oh my god this guy's everywhere. I think that could be called spamming.

  14. Bo made a photoblog~ You can visit hers

  15. oh and lizii i know this guy means me but im not spamming i posted in ten threads you posted in more threads your the spammer


  17. Well,this is my science fantasy+fighting novel started a few days ago.This is my first work so I'm looking forward for comments and's the link:

  18. Sugar Coated! :)
    Your guide to all things sweet!

  19. Hello

    I'm inviting others to view my website It is a school project, were I am pretending to run for the Governor of Maryland. Therefore I fabricate everything about myself as a candidate for Governor.

    Visit the site.


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