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    I love post-a-day, have met many wonderful people. Over the course of the year, however, I have had a number of questions about rules–i.e. is there a limit on posts per day? Didn’t seem to matter in the beginning, but now I notice if a post twice one of the posts is routinely deleted. Others do seem to post more than once. Also , why sometimes only a picture shows when for my posts, I would like pictures and text to show. Others seem to manage that, but nothing I tried works. I now rarely post pictures, but would like to. Thank you for any help you can provide.



    It’s not a challenge in the sense that there are rules or prizes. Rather, it’s a challenge for yourself, to see if you can do it.

    The idea is to try to post once a day, of course you can post more often.

    As far as posts being delete or pictures not showing, where exactly are you seeing this?

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