Postaday2011 Issues – Wrong Dates!

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    Hello: yesterday I posted a piece via my iPhone WordPress App but instead of showing up that I had posted it yesterday, it showed up as being published on Monday. There are two faults with this: for postaday2011 I’m only posting one piece a day and I know EXACTLY what I posted on Monday, and secondly the particular song that I blogged about wasn’t even available on Monday, meaning this wasn’t at all possible.
    Can this be sorted in any way? I know that I’ve posted every day for a week, yet for some reason WordPress has changed the date on my post and it has meant that it looks like I’ve aready fallen off the bandwagon when it comes to Postaday2011.

    Just a quick note: I’m thinking of buying the rights to my blog name, but will this affect participation in postaday2011. What I mean is, will only posts from URLs that have be counted?
    Thanks for this: I was just incredibly surprised when it happened and I know myself what has happened, I just don’t have a clue how to sort it!!

    The blog I need help with is



    The default time zone setting for our blogs is UTC time (formerly Greenwich meantime). You set the timezone for your blog to the one of your own choosing here. > Settings > General

    The forum for the iPhone WordPress App is here ioS forum. >

    You can purchase a domain name and domain mapping at any time. If you wish you can contact Staff and ask about the postaday aspect of doing so now.


    A time-zone wouldn’t cause a lag of 3 days – this is a very odd issue I know but this has never happened before and if it was to happen again in the future it could affect the visibility of my posts (it was embedded and not 100% visible on the recent posts widget).

    Bearing this in mind would you recommend reposting this on the WordPress App forum?



    Hello there,
    Will you please post the URL to the post in question here so we can examine it and see what we can find?


    I’ll let you know that this issue has occured again when I’ve published today. The link for that post is:

    I’m stumped. Luckily, my Twitter account immediately posts a link to it so I have proof of when I’m publishing from that, but I have no idea why this is occuring and it’s really affecting the visibility of new posts: if it continues people might think I’m not posting regularly despite my pledge to the 2011 challenge.


    Has anyone found anything yet? You’re usually pretty speedy so I’m getting a bit worried now!

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