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Postdated Posts

  1. I don't know if anyone has mentioned this topic before, but I just finished an interesting experiment on my test blog in which I tried postdating some posts. In other words, I added a post and edited the timestamp to a date and time in the future just to see what would happen. The results...

    Postdated posts do not publish on your blog nor feed out on your RSS feed until the exact moment that they are postdated to.

    Now, I don't know about you, but I see some interesting uses for this feature (and, yes, this should be touted as a feature.) It means that I can set up a series of blog entries preset to appear on my blog at specific intervals. So, if I want to appear to be posting every Wednesday at noon or whatever, I can set up a string of posts whenever I happen to have time and have them appear literally like clockwork on my blog.

    Caveat: You must have your time settings set correctly under the general options in order to gain precise control.

    Anyway, just thought I'd share in case this might interest anyone else. I'm sure that somewhere there must be someone else who figured this out, but, hey, it's new to me.

  2. that's really neat! though have yet to figure how to benefit from this... maybe writing a new year post earlier on new year's eve so while u're out partying the post can automatically appear at the stroke of midnight? thanks for the info

  3. I've been trying to do this for a while now with mixed results. Most of the time, the timestamp time comes and goes without the post appearing. The post shows up on the Manage list, but I have to edit it again after the timestamp to make it show up on the blog itself. Does anyone have this problem? I use the silver is the new black template.

  4. Posting to the future is buggy, Lorelle has been kvetching about it for ages.

  5. When I tryed it on my testing blog using the CONTEMPT theme, I kept having problems with it until I realized that even what I was posting currently was getting the wrong time stamp. Strangely, everywhere else in the world, Pacific Standard Time (my time zone) is -8 hours from universal time whereas it's -7 hours on WP. (Maybe that has something to do with daylight savings time.) Also, WP seems to default to a 24-hour clock.

    Once I adjusted the time settings properly in general options on My Dashboard, I found that postdating worked perfectly down to the minute. I haven't tried this yet on my real blog under the Regulus theme, so I'm not certain it will work there. However, I can't see a way that this would be theme dependant as it ought to be a function of the database itself.

  6. i hope you're right ptvguy. i plan to publish a post on 01:02:03 on the 04.05.06! would be cute to see that timestamp on the post but i think regulus doesn't show... well it'll bound to show when i change themes

  7. Hi,

    I thought I was the only one having this post dated entries problem until I read Lorelle's post and it seems that this problem had been encountered for quite awhile.

    Currently I am using 'Simpla' theme and postdating entries does not work.

    I believe many had already sent feedback and a rectification on this would be highly appreciated. Thanks.

  8. I use the postdated "feature" on the webcomic. Its loaded until some time in September. :)

  9. ...but it appears that the main site for it works for postdated posts but the backup I have here does not. (ie WP 2.0.2 yes, MU no.) Feedback sent.

  10. ...and it looks like the issue got fixed. :)

  11. is it really? i just tried doing a postdated post like two days ago and it doesn't work - when i edit it in manage the publish button is still available for clicking, which is odd because it's supposed to be published on that day... maybe that's before your announcement

  12. Not sure Sulz. I know I was having to go back into every post on teh webcomic and republish each post to make it appear. Not having to have to do that anymore.

    Strange thing with it though is that PostDated posts work fine on the normal MU install so it had to be caused due to something here at

    Maybe a feedback....


  13. Well, maybe I broke it. :)

    Looks like now it's displaying every single post available (Note the date) as well as dropping them into the tag system.

    heh heh heh :)

    Ain't computers fun?

  14. It worked fine until like 2 days ago. I always had posts to be released the upcoming days, always had the timestamp after midnight and the supposed post was released around that time. Since 2 days all scheduled posts are released at once. For me that is a mess:

  15. inadvertentgardener

    Yep -- same for me. See my post on the same thread:

  16. Is there a reason why we're bring up 2 month old threads and linking to other threads?

    I don't think there's a need for it. You only have to state your position once. If you actually read the thread you were posting in, you would note that it's an issue already reported.

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