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    Hello, I want to use the ChaoticSoul theme, but my only problem with it is the lack of showing who posted a post, as there are 2 of us writing. only way it shows who posted is by looking at each post individually in the “recent posts” bit

    is there anyway i can put this feature into this theme?




    No – you would have to put it in manually on each post. Only a few of the themes are truly multi-author in this way. Tarski is one.



    You could create 2 accounts, and set them both as admins or contributers to each other, only use one blog. That way each user will show as their name in their contributions.



    Aside from dirk’s suggestion, these are the common options most bloggers choose from.

    (1) You can choose a theme that provides for and displays individual authors. There are theme reviews that can assist you in determining if a theme provides this “authors” feature. Look in the section titled “Display post author”.

    (2) If the theme you prefer to use does not this feature then you can create a category called “Authors” as a “parent” category and then create “children” (Tom, Dick, Harry) sub-categories for each author’s name under the parent category Authors.

    (3) Or if neither of the above options are suitable then you can have each author include a byline in the posts they create (i.e. ozrisk’s suggestion).



    Here’s a note to keep in mind: when you use a template that lists the author in any blog OTHER than your main blog, the “posted by” is counted by Technorati and Google as a regular independent link to your main blog. When you write it in yourself and make it a live link to your main blog, it counts the same. When you use the author’s name as a tag instead it counts as a link to the global tag page AND the global tag page has a link to that blog, ie the one that the post was made in, not your main one.

    So it’s all how you want to distribute the Googlejuice.



    Fascinating information. Thanks for sharing it.
    {I’m worried I may not remember it.}

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