“Posted by” information in Thirteen?

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    I have a group blog which is using the Thirteen theme. It’s perfect for our blog and I really don’t want to have to change it. However, I have noticed that Thirteen doesn’t put the ‘posted by so-and-so’ information on posts. This is a bit annoying as eventually we are planning to have several more authors/contributors.

    Is there a way I can change the theme so this happens like it does in other themes?



    Not by CSS, I shouldn’t think. CSS only changes the appearance of your blog, not its functionality. If it’s not coded to display the author, I don’t think you can change that.


    You can have your authors/contributors put a byline at the beginning of their posts manually when they write them. In addition, you can use the authors widget which will list your authors in the sidebar, and people can click on their name in the sidebar to get a listing of all the posts that author has written.

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