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"posted by" missed in the headline of the blog

  1. hi,

    I just started last week with my blog and I'm sure that I have to learn a lot. But in the headline I miss "posted by karina1101" and I can't find anything to fill it in. ..Hope my english is good enough

    thx karina1101

  2. @karina1101
    Your English is very good. I understand you clearly. My blog here has exactly the same problem. The author's byline is not appearing on the post.

    So I'm joining my voice with yours in chorus and I'm asking staff to look at both blogs and correct the problem please. :)

  3. See also where another blogger is experiencing the same problem

  4. ah I have resolved this on my own blog by placing a first & last name in my profile under users.

  5. Thanks very much. Putting in just "timethief" as a first name worked for me. :-)

  6. @ dmosbon
    Thank you very much, :-)

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