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Posted in "Catergoires/ Tags" goes to wordpress Tag?

  1. Under the Title of a post there is some information of where the post has been filed into ie. User posted in "Games", "New stuff" etc. These catergories / Tags when clicked on goes into the wordpress tags where it is displayed together with blog posts of similar tags, how do I change the options for these post Tags /Catergories to only filter the post in my own blog when clicked on? I rembered that was an old feature in the older version of wordpress without having to click on the catergories widget. I am not so sure if this has been posted before cause I am not so sure what to search for. Thanks

  2. Have you read this thread from the forum search box? It may be helpful

  3. Thanks for the link & info unfortunately the themes suggested there point back to the is this the final decision of If so I may have to manually link tags in post to the catergories.

  4. It's the way it is at least for now but you can let sysadmin know how you feel about it through a feedback.
    P.S. Some people have devised very unique tags that others are not likely to use.

  5. Do u have an example of a wordpress blog or tutorial on how to do that? Would be helpful thanks :) Sorry for asking a stupid Qn how do i send feedback?(^^; using the support form? Thanks for your input on the matter...(^^)

  6. Here's a reference that may help you create categories and tags.

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