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Posted today but I cannot find it

  1. Posted a book review today but cannot find it under the tag links I chose, nor under freshly pressed etc. I assume it is not getting any visibility. Please advise. Thanks

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I can see only one post on your site and it's from July:

    Are you certain you publish the post today?

  3. It was a private post, from July, which I launched publicly yesterday...I was hoping to get some visibility on it since it has never gone public...

  4. This tag is in the Reader, but the post was dated, what, about 6 weeks ago, so you have to scoll down to view it:!/read/topic/elizabeth-peters/

  5. So all "drafts" are marked on the day they are "saved" not when they are launched? That is kind of a bummer...

  6. No, on the day they are created. In order to work around that, you have to change the posting date by editing the calendar on the right hand side of the Write Post box PRIOR to hitting Publish.

  7. ok, thanks!

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