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posterous import

  1. Tools import posterous site. Even though I'm able to login to my posterous account directly, when I try to do the import from posterous through wordpress tools, wordpress reports that posterous says my info is incorrect. redone several times in 3 different browsers. Does posterous block the import? Some other trick or tip? THanks in advance,

    michael rees
    Blog url:

  2. Howdy,

    Do you have a domain mapped to your Posterous blog?

    If so, could you try unmapping the domain through Posterous' site?

    If you're still running into this issue, please send us a link to your Posterous blog, and we'll look into this. :-)

  3. Hi, I responded to the email but I see it didn't post here. I don't have a domain mapped to the posterous blog. ITs just straight up


  4. Hate to ask, but are you absolutely sure that you're entering the correct log in info for ?

  5. Hi, I appreciate you asking. I've checked and double checked. I've entered it manually and I've copied and pasted it from the file where I keep my uname and password. Neither works.

  6. I just logged out and checked again.

  7. Ok, and are you entering the Posterous URL exactly as ? Some folks have been adding an extra www to it.

  8. in the box i've tried


  9. Ok, we'll have to dig a bit deeper into this. I'll let you know when we've found a solution.

    In the mean time, would you please check with Posterous to make sure that nothing would be blocking your account?

  10. One more question that trips me up every once in a while: For the username, are you supplying a username or the email address you used to sign up with the account? I occasionally specify the blog name (so in your case michaelrees) rather than the email for the account, and that'll fail.

  11. Hi,

    there's a hostname, an email adress, and a password, no username requested. Unless you mean that I should add the username instead of the email (won't take, I tried it).

    I have a variety of other posterous accounts but my main access to the site is as entered.

    Would love to figure out how to use this.


    michael rees

  12. We tweaked the site to request an email address rather than a username, since that was a point of possible confusion.

    Can you tell me what you use for a username when logging into the Posterous home page? Is it a username or an email address? To double-check your credentials, can you log out of Posterous and back in, then make sure you're using the same creds for the importer? This extra step lets us make sure that you're not able to log into Posterous thanks to changed creds that are stored in your browser's password manager but that may differ from what you have on file. Thanks!

  13. Posterous uses an email adress. I do have a username - xsculpt - but I use a password manager and I can retrieve the username (often email adress) and the password from there. Using the password manager and cut and paste, I'm able to log into my posterous account. I use the same info for the wordpress import feature.



  14. Thanks for double-checking that for me. Are you using the same email for your Posterous login that you used to sign up for They need not be the same -- but if they match, then I'll know what email address you're using to log in to Posterous and can rule out any weird email address strings as a cause.

  15. hi the email associated with wordpress is the same. the username is different.

  16. We just rolled out another update today. Would you please try again?

  17. HI I just tried again. No go. I'm wondering. Frustrating. Could this have to do with the number of sites I have at posterous? or that when I set posterous up I did it with a different username and password on a different posterous site? Maybe farfetched...

  18. Hm, drat. Alright, we're going to have to wait until we have more debug info in place to see exactly where this is going wrong.

    I can't give any exact promises on when that will be ready, but it should be around next week.

  19. Hi, I'm checking back again to see if there's some way...


    michael rees

  20. Not at this time, but if you check back mid-week, we might have something.

  21. Hi, Michael. It may actually be mid next week (after next, I mean) before we have anything. I had hoped to queue up some further work on the importer this coming week, but it's been delayed. I'll be sure to follow up once we launch any fixes (but it's no problem if you'd like to nudge again in here).

  22. Hi just checking. Did you mean mid this week or mid next week. I really want to change posterous to wordpress...

  23. Hoping for next week sometime (though even that could change).

  24. Hi, any chances of importing my posterous page to a new wp site?


    michael rees

  25. Michael, I've sent you an email with a possible workaround for this. Please look for that and let's do any further followups via email. Thanks!

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