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posterous import

  1. hello,
    I am trying to import posterous files into WordPress, but WordPress doesn't accept the ZIP file from posterous any suggestions ?
    thank you

  2. You'll first need to unpack the .zip file. It includes a file named wordpress_export_1.xml. Although the other files serve as a backup of all of your content that you should consider saving for posterity, the xml file is what you’ll use to import into

  3. thank you, for your answer Kardotim,
    when I tried to open the file the computer start acting up, as if the file was corrupted:
    it keep opening the same window (white scream only several times...)
    when I tried to upload it into WordPress without open the file, WordPress does not accept it( I need to converted into a XTM format . How do I do that?
    I appreciate your time...

  4. You might want to install 7-zip first in order to unpack/extract the .zip file. You can download this here.

    If you want you can send me the wordpress_export_1.xml file by e-mail. This way I can import it into your blog.

  5. Kardotim, I have sent you an e-mail let me know if you did'nt get the file
    thanks m.

  6. I've just replied to you by e-mail. Closing this thread now.

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