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    Please, please help me. I’m trying to import from posterous to (which is also http://(email redacted)/ and it won’t let me access so had to create the other??)

    My posterous blog is;


    The blog I need help with is



    Have you read this entry? You cannot upoad a zip file. It must be an xml file. Go here and try downloading and using either Firefox 20 or Chrome 26.

    I tagged this thread for a Staff follow-up. Please subscribe to it so you are notified when they respond.



    I don’t see any active imports on either blog.

    What sort of trouble are you running into?


    It seems the problem is with the downloading from Posterous. I get no email message as they promise, then when I go back it says downloaded but when I try to download to my computer I get a small zip file that when I unzip I do not get a .xml file

    I’ve been at it for a month and am going crazy!

    THANKS for any help you can offer.

    BTW: I’ve asked Posterous to send me the file to no avail so far!



    Ok, we can only help with the import end of things, so you’ll need to contact Posterous about this.


    THANKS, I’ve been trying!

    I might just have to get back to you when i get that download! Soooo appreciate you getting back to me!



    You’re welcome!


    Drum roll please… check these out

    I don’t have to commit Hari Kari after all! I was crazed thinking I lost all my hard work on two blogs!!!!!

    I clued in last night that my energy savers might be stopping the download so changed them in system preferences and voila!!!! I have some fine-tuning to do but am most thrilled




    BTW: My next problem is I have the name (email redacted) and it told me it was already take and indeed it was… by me. Here’s the weird thing, if I type that in it reroutes me to the new name (I was forced to create new name to move forward) of joyfullyinspired. Is there a wat to get back to (email redacted).

    I sooooo appreciate all your help in my new blog home!!!




    Staff does exist, but cindybouchard is not a user on it.

    You’ll need to log in under the correct account to access it.


    Is it anything like my name?? Inspired? It opens for me but when I try to add/manipulate it goes to something else.

    THANKS again.



    Right, because your cindybouchard account does not have access to that blog.

    You’ll need to log in with the correct account.

    The only blogs on your cindybouchard account are and

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